…Alles in Trümmern!…
do it together-festival

Bands, vegan food, party

No dogs, no cops, no guns, no homophobia, no antisemitism, no sexism, no PEGIDA!
Fuck off naziscum!!!

How to get there:

Petrikirchstraße 5, 01097 Dresden

Car: Leave the Highway on DRESDEN-HELLERAU, go straight ahead for a while, 200 meters after a railroad comes „Conradstraße“, turn right here, after 200 meters you turn right for another time, then you will see a red church at the next crossroads, turn right here one more time, you‘re almost there. The next gate is the gate to DOOOOOOM aka our festival ;)

The nearest bus station is called ‚Großenhainer Platz‘ and you can use the trams 3 and 9.
The nearest train station is called Dresden-Neustadt, from there you can take the bus or walk some 15minutes.